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Return Policy

If you do not feel satisfaction from purchased product from us, you simply return it to us in the condition in which you have sent him within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt to you. We will refund the amount paid for it or replace it at your wish returned item to another. Refundable product that is in its original form, packaging and quality, no traces of wear and use, has not undergone any treatment (washing, ironing, cutting and other acts violating his integrity).

Cost of return are at your expense.

If the condition of the product does not meet those conditions, we'll get him back, as the amount for which it was purchased non-refundable. Purchased item, which is filled by yours individual requirements (in order) is not subject to exchange or return. When replacing the product, the cost of courier service are at your expense. We thoroughly check each item before it reaches you, but if you happen to make a claim because of a manufacturing defect, we will assume the costs for its return.

Upon returning the product, it must be accompanied by a form that expresses your desire to exchange or return. In case you want to get back amount paid for it, not necessarily us back and issued a receipt, mentioning the way you translate money back.

Return address: c. Stara Zagora,. "Hadji Dimitar Asenov" 95

Blanca to return the product

Upon returning the product, we will refund the amount paid within 15 (fifteen) days as follows:

• If you paid for it by cash or bank transfer - will return amount specified by you bank account or by money transfer courier company Econt

• If you paid with a bank card or by Paypal - will perform a reverse transaction to your account

IMPORTANT: DO NOT accept returns of items with cash! Please stick to the above conditions.